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Why It’s the Best Time to Buy from Property Auctions

Property auctions UK has improved significantly in the last two decades. What started as small-scale events that concentrated more on lower value property has now become a day-long sales event that features a broad part of the market. In the previous two years alone, the total property value sold through property auctions UK has grown by £790 million with an additional 1,300 properties each year.

The kinds of properties placed up for auction have also improved. Although most properties up for auction are former council homes or repossessed properties, there are now office blocks and all other sorts of properties.

What made the dramatic change to property auctions UK primarily is media interest. Because of greater exposure in broadcasting, print and online, these events have become more accessible to both sellers and buyers. TV programs have also helped people understand and have greater confidence in the auction process, which is why property auctions are no longer only for property professionals.

Bidding, online catalogues and developments in mobile technology have also widened and brought the industry to more people. Property auction websites come with details regarding properties that are included in future as well as past sales from previous auctions. You can also view and download legal documents. There is also online bidding and live streams broadcast the event and anyone can participate regardless of their location.

With further developments in technology in the future especially in mobile technology will still make auctions simpler to participate in, further improving diversity and reach to different audiences. The traditional auction process will certainly be kept alive with property auctions UK.

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