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Two Factor Authentication Should be Mandatory

At both Commercial People and Residential People we would like to reassure our agents and customers that our site is secure and so is their data, following a raft of security breaches across other major portals.

We are firm believers that Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is not simply a ‘nice to have’ feature for premium members, but in fact, is an absolute necessity to help ensure account security and a safe user-experience for the general public.

Despite being an independent group of portals, Both Commercial People and our co-site Residential People value the safety and security of our agents as well as their customers, and as such, we were already whitelisting the agents’ CRM’s IP to ensure the protection of personal data. In addition to whitelisting, both of our portals also implemented a 2FA system across the entire platform earlier in the year.

Throughout the past few months there have been a number of high-profile security breaches affecting even the biggest names such as Rightmove and Zoopla, with the former recently announcing a 2FA solution of their own. We however believe that such measures should always be in place given the rise in online hacking and email phishing over the past few years.

Joe Savage, CTO of Commercial People states: “It is imperative for agents to realise that a site that doesn’t have a 2FA solution in place is not concerned about your brand or your personal security.

Cybercrime is something that we should all be vigilant about and that it’s imperative that companies put strong and secure countermeasures in place to protect their users from cybercriminals or hackers who wish to steal data. However, there have been countless hacking incidents across global social networks such as Twitter as well as those infamous HMRC scam calls – so it was only a matter of time before someone got the bright idea to attack property portals as well.

At Commercial People, we have always kept agent security at the forefront of our vision. Despite already implementing a 2FA system before these recent portal breaches, we believe that now is the time to remind agents and the general public that account security is a necessity.”

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