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REPORT: Personality Assessment Reduces Workplace Accidents

Every year, companies spend billions in medical expenses due to workplace accidents or related illnesses; however, experts believe that there might be a way to improve your workplace safety through ‘personality assessments’ during the recruitment process.

Studies have shown that companies who are hiring safety-minded employees will save time and money over the long run.

One company which has been around since the 1970s, Hogan Assessments, have developed the solution to lowering the risk at work which could potentially save around €65 million.

Hogan’s safety assessment scores employees based on six components related to safety and behaviour, giving a safety score which predicts the likeliness of an applicant engaging in an activity that could potentially lead to an accident at work.

The assessment company has carried out its safety-related behavioural test across 40,000 people throughout Europe.

Dr Robert Hogan, President of Hogan Assessments, said: “Without the proper workplace safety culture, a company puts its employees and revenues in danger. The Hogan reports allow organisations to identify safety-minded candidates and recognise and repair safety-related gaps in the company culture. As a result, the assessment saves clients time and unnecessary costs while making the workplace a safer environment for everyone.”

Hogan’s research found that the approximate cost to employers saved by implementing safety assessments at the recruitment stage was €64,260,000.52 with each employer saving approximately € 1,605.50 each.

The study has shown that companies could reduce production times by 1,728 days while bringing in an estimated ROI of 5,255%.

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