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Report: Office Returns increase by 120% from August to September

Office occupation has increased by 120% according to data from the Metrikus Office Occupation Index.

Employees across the country are slowly beginning to return to the office with occupation rising to near 33% of pre-lockdown levels as of this week.

The data found by Metrikus has shown that the return to school has also brought back many home workers into the office. However, there are still a number of employees who do not feel safe to do so just yet.

The smart data company’s research also finds that workers are arriving later, having more meetings, and eating lunch in the office more frequently than pre-lockdown.

Commenting on the findings, Michael Grant, Chief Operations Officer at Metrikus, said: “The information we’re getting back from our sensors provides a huge amount of insight to employers keen to support their staff back into a pattern of work that delivers the best outcomes for productivity. Whether that’s a full-time return to the office or a mix with some home working, knowledge is power, and our technology is able to place minute-by-minute data in the hands of companies to help them understand how they are using their buildings. Crucially it can also indicate where companies can make changes to save money by making offices healthier, more efficient and productive places for employees.”

To conduct the research, Metrikus has worked with landlords and building owners to install sensors and software within offices across the UK’s major cities.

Data for this study was collected sensors in the entrance of office lobbies as well as motion sensors within individual offices. These sensors showed not only how many individuals entered an office, but crucially how they used the space once they were inside the premises.

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