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Investing in a pub

Have you ever dreamed of escaping the rat race and heading for the quiet life to run a country pub? Or do think the social scene and sense of community of a friendly town pub is right down your street? If so, you’re not alone.

Whether it is pubs for sale or for rent, pubs are still exciting business opportunities. Thus, making it an enormous and lucrative industry. Why? Because its immensely important to the British public, as it upholds a great British tradition. YouGov poll shows approximately 15 million people, around a third of the which are adults, visit pubs every week. These figures are impressive compared to other hospitality businesses.  The study further emphasises that around 58% of British people see pubs as a national institution and an important part of their cultural heritage.

This goes without saying, it’s this insatiable affection for a cultural icon that makes so many people go into the trade. It’s no wonder so many people spend a lot of time online searching for the perfect pubs for sale or for rent in the UK.   The love for the business is so evident that they are prepared to sacrifice their weekends for their enthusiasm to quench the thirst of the many punters that enjoys a nice cold beer.  Note that we did not mention the words unsociable hours, because most obviously, there’s the social aspect of the trade.


Pubs are more than just a place to escape the troubles of life through the intake of alcohol. It is also a popular venue to meet new people. According to the research by Mintel, 38% of people that tend to go to pubs said they chose a pub for its atmosphere and 26% for the customers. Only 20% were worried about the choice of beer. At the risk of sounding old, gone are the days when children weren’t allowed to come into a pub.  Now, pubs are more family orientated, with outside entertainment such as bouncy castles, BBQ’s, slides and general play areas.

Pubs are no longer viewed as just a watering hole, it is boosted by the demand for serving food, with 80% of pubs now providing meals alongside beers, wines and spirits.   This naturally add to the success of the pub industry.  As declared earlier, there is now a place for children in this great British culture. They are featured with their own menu and appropriate drinks.  So, if you have a culinary passion then a pub, as well as a restaurant, can be a suitable route into business ownership. Despite the well-publicised challenges facing the industry, pubs can still extremely lucrative. If you are worried about the risk of failure in this trade then you could bolster your chances by buying a leasehold rather than freehold.


People need a reason to leave the comfort of their own home for a night out in the pub and the promise of fun and entertainment can prove to be a strong draw.  People want to relax and have fun with their family and friends. A feature that pubs have adopted because this is a winning recipe for a good night out as a combination of exciting dinks, good food and memorable entertainment.  Another way to ensure repeat custom.   “Regulars” a popular word used by pub landlords.


If you’re an extrovert, then a pub would be right up your street or more accurately, a place to work. There is that undying and longstanding tradition for banter at the bar that keeps the bar staff and punters alike entertained and a drug like need for wanting more.  It’s no big secret that people go to pubs to enjoy themselves and, in some cases, overindulges due to having more than the famous last words “just a couple”.

Pub show

The fact that there are pub shows reinforces the demand f in this sector.  “Whilst bars and pubs remain the UK’s number 1 out of home leisure venue, the market is competitive and this show will bring you face-to-face with movers and shakers that are transforming the UK’s bars and pubs – and who need your help to do it.”

This is supported by: The Bar and Pub Show

Budget 2017:

Pubs see extra help in business rates revamp. The new measures mean that 90% of pubs in England will receive a discount while small firms set to lose their rate relief will see increases capped at £50 a month, the chancellor said.  sourced: BBC

Beer Gardens

Over the past few years, beer gardens have become popular places to unwind and relax.  Many bars and restaurants in the UK have added open-air establishments to occupy the rising number of beer lovers searching for quality craft beer and a fun environment to drink that quality craft beer.

Due to a high response and success of beer gardens all over the country, investors and buyers are hopping on the beer garden bandwagon to opening their very own drinking establishment with cheers.

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