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How to Generate more Conveyancing Enquiries for your Business

Commercial and Residential property search portals Commercial People & Residential People reveal how you could keep more of your company’s capital by explicitly targeting the right clients.

While conveyancing firms (both commercial & residential) are doing their utmost to defy the ‘doom & gloom’ surrounding Brexit, there is no denying that the uncertainty of what exactly will happen on October 31st has had a profound effect on the buying & selling markets at large.

With many buyers preferring to wait until after Brexit to commit to a purchase of a home, the next few months could prove to be a fairly barren spell for conveyancing firms. So, with this in mind, we would like to offer you some handy advice on how you can continue to keep the revenue flowing and help make the most out of your advertising budget, despite less than ideal market conditions.


Two common advertising misconceptions:


Target Audience:

Rather than wasting your efforts and marketing budget in reaching out to clients outside of your area of operations – or those who aren’t even interested in your services, it’s essential to target the right consumer actively.

Blindly targeting every person is a surefire way to burn through your marketing budget in next-to-no-time at all, that is why we strongly recommend that as a commercial or residential conveyancing firm, you take the time to accurately research who your key audience is, and how you can best reach your ideal consumer.


Standing Out from the Crowd:

It is a common misconception in business (and by extension advertising and marketing) that you must mimic the roles and duties of the market leader in order to prove yourselves as a firm alternative to the industry-leading supplier.

However, research shows that many businesses are better off attempting to stand out from the crowd and devise a unique method of operation that truly sets your firm apart. One of the ways your commercial or residential conveyancing firm can stand out from the crowd is to resist the urge to pay to feature on aggregator/list sites which will rank your firm with your competitors.

In theory, listing your services on aggregators is a way to increase the exposure your company would otherwise achieve as this seems like a surefire way to increase exposure and promote your overall brand, yet appearing alongside your competitors, in a visually unappealing list format can sometimes end up hurting your business more than helping it. For instance, if you’re an independent firm based in a rural region, you’re less likely to attract potential clients than the big brands mentioned first on the list, even when your prospective client is based locally.

As with Google search results, potential customers are less likely to trawl through more than the first two pages of results to see your firm’s offerings, thereby preferring to choose the more prominently placed law firms as opposed to your own.


If you’re guilty of the above, then don’t despair, many companies have unknowingly followed in your footsteps in making the same mistakes when attempting to market their services and increase brand awareness.

Thankfully, righting your advertising wrongs has never been easier thanks to the rise of dedicated online property portals such as Right Move, Zoopla, Commercial People and Residential People.


Benefits of Using a Dedicated Portal such as Commercial & Residential People:


Brand Awareness & An Engaged Audience:

One sure-fire way to enhance your brand awareness is to appeal to the right consumer. After all, is there any point as a residential conveyancing firm advertising on a music website for instance? Sure, there is bound to be some crossover between homeowners and pop music fans, but ultimately you are wasting your marketing budget. 

While advertising on a traditional directory style website is better than blindly targeting the web, you can increase your brand exposure even further by choosing to advertise on a dedicated property portal such as Commercial/Residential People. On these dedicated portals, you’ll be directly targeting consumers that are interested in property, and therefore more likely to take up your offered services.


The Sole Service Provider:

If you’re tired of having to share impressions with other firms, you’ll be pleased to know that unlike other property portals, advertising on Commercial/Residential People will allow you to become the sole service provider in a chosen area.

What this means is that unlike a traditional directory site where your services appear alongside your competitors, by choosing to advertise your service on Commercial or Residential People, your brand will become the ONLY service provider in the area, thus enabling you to gain all of the impressions in your chosen area. 

By being given full exclusivity for your brand, you’re able to maximise the exposure of your firm and well and truly stand out from the crowd. 


To learn more about how your firm could benefit from the above, please email us at:

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