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What is CRM and why is it essential for estate agents?

By its own definition, CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. CRMs are built from the ground up for larger, medium to small businesses.

The idea is for it to manage your contacts, leads, notes, calendar, to-do’s and more, all from one simple web application. Whether you are involved in selling commercial property, residential property or just lettings or both, a property software system that manages your marketing, and your client’s expectations. A strategy for managing all of your agencies interactions and relationships with past and present customers and prospective clients. By using a CRM system to nurture your database you can increase the profitability and productivity of your business. A CRM should touch all aspects of your business, not just front office sales. By embedding CRM at the core of your business you can ensure everyone in your organisation focuses on relationships with individual people.

Let’s face it, we do not have the time in this fast-paced world to manually upload hundreds let alone thousands of your properties across multiple property portals, in order to showcase your properties. By using the system, it provides a one-stop portal uploading services supporting most property portals across the world. It allows you to choose from a single user, branch, remote workers, multi-branch, Franchise and more. The CRM system is designed to be as flexible and accommodating as possible but most importantly permits any processes to be as seamless. As a subsequent, it is compatible to various Datafeeds such as XML, JSON, Real-time API. The software makes it simple to stay engaged with every part of your network. Your decision to use a CRM system indicates you recognise that the customer is the most important part of your business and enables you to provide services across selling properties, letting properties or providing professional services like valuations in a seamless and connected manner.

It’s no wonder forward thinking estate agents and auctioneers recognises the effectiveness of their customer relationship management has on their respective businesses. Furthermore, they acknowledge that it will be the key success factor for years to come. Some of the biggest gains come from increased efficiency and productivity across admin teams and through improving communication channels across the company. It’s a practically very helpful software to have if you own a chain of estate agents or franchise. To run a successful agency your business needs a transparent central store of customer relationship data that employees can quickly and simply update. By having a full history of all communications, meetings and documents shared, you can ensure more meaningful conversations that are always relevant, personal and up-to-date.

In conclusion, CRM provides so much more than just transactional gains, it’s dynamic and scalable.

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