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Commercial People – MIPIM 2015!

Good morning, Commercial People worldwide from London! It’s Friday! However, Commercial People are bustling in each of our offices at the moment as agents are rapidly rolling onto our sites with their latest property listings.

On, Instant Offices have over 2,000 serviced offices across the UK – It is guaranteed there is an office available in your desired location. This is alongside many more other agents, surveyors and brokers listing in every Commercial People category from development sites to healthcare properties. is looking luxurious as numbers of serviced apartments are for sale – Nothing but gorgeous homes! Also available are offices throughout Jakarta and much, much more different properties across the country.
Over at, there are a wealth of farms available, complimenting the stunning natural beauty of South Africa. To go with this, business spaces are also on offer including retail, trading and storage space. If in search of a new home instead, the residential listings on our South African sites are all from friendly and ideal locations for your livelihood.
What ever business you are planning in India, the correct space is definitely on Perhaps you wish to buy? Or rent? Not a problem, both options are available, suited for your needs and your business. There are also so many brand news home available for you to settle down in, even homes still under construction and you could live there first! Just make sure don’t delay, get your enquiries in soon -Visit our websites now.

You’ve probably seen our informative posts on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ and now, Instagram. But did you know we have individual pages on each social media platform for each country Commercial People have launched in? Commercial People will always keep you up to date with the latest listings and hot news across the property industries. Check out our sidebar to the left of each country’s blog for each respective country’s social media links.

So what’s next?

Commercial People are progressing into Ghana and Nigeria which will launch by the end of 2014, if you visit, you’ll see our landing page where you can already start sending in enquiries! Are you looking into advertising a property? You can be first on our new websites if you send your enquiry in the easy to use form now.

We have a handy timeline so you can be ahead in knowing where and around when Commercial People will be launching in first:


• UK, Indonesia, Southern Ireland, South Africa, India, Nigeria, Ghana


• Thailand, Spain, Philippines, Germany, Singapore, France, Hong Kong, USA


• China, Australia, UAE

By the end of 2015 Commercial People will have entered Australia and the UAE – This is with a team already up and running in Sydney looking towards advertising commercial property in Australia.

We have specialist sectors that cover every type of commercial property – retail, leisure, warehouses, industrial, land, auction, serviced offices, development opportunities – And this list will expand as Commercial People continue to grow.

MIPIM Expo 2015

What Commercial People are most excited for is our reserved exhibition stand at worldwide international event, MIPIM, the world’s largest property show, to emphasise our intent. We have National Sales Directors throughout the aforementioned countries working tirelessly to aid our objectives. See us at MIPIM, Cannes during March 2015!

Why should you advertise or search for your property with Commercial People?

Agents will have the confidence to market with us knowing that each of our sites are available in customers’ native language and will run on their own time zones – property seekers all over the world will be able to easily search their requirements in a few clicks, whether a UK based individual searching for office premises in London, or a multi-national firm based in America looking to expand into the Middle East.

Commercial People world wide’s Digital Marketing strategy forecasts 200,000 – 300,000 unique visitors per day by the end of the year from SEO activity. This is as we are already climbing up to be number one in Google searches. Visitors are to include both new and seasonal residential and commercial property hunters, landlords and developers who make up the HNW audience. They are prominent in the property/investment sector and active in maximising their portfolio’s and investments so are well placed to make the best use of the services we offer.

Read more on Commercial People at

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