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Commercial People Global at MIPIM 2015, Cannes

It was an honour for Commercial People Global to host our own stand at our very first MIPIM visit. Thank you to everyone who visited our stand! It was lovely meeting everybody from around the world and visiting other impressive stands as well.


Commercial People Global at MIPIM 2015, Cannes Last week, around 25,000 property developers, agents and investors touched down in Cannes for four days of networking, deal making and socialising at MIPIM – property’s annual get together. As expected, the event was memorable for its parties, as delegates toasted their success along the bars lining the sea and aboard yachts in nearby marinas. Upon the Boulevard de la Croisette, it was a pleasure to bump into the hundreds of representatives of local government, showcasing their cities to potential developers for their next big investment.

London, UK

Councillors who attended the prestigious event in Cannes included The City of London with the most representatives in attendance at 11, with Coventry who were at a close second, with seven. In total, the London boroughs had 34 people in attendance altogether – although that’s not counting those from the Greater London Authority. A representative of the City of London explained that MIPIM was relevant to them as they are London’s commercial centre. The City of London encouraged talks with developers as a way to ensure The City’s residents and workers receive the top office developments in a striking public environment. MIPIM was also an efficient way to meet key parties of the commercial property industry and to communicate these needs.


The leader of Coventry City Council, Cllr Ann Lucas, explained that the growing presence from her city was on the back of government figures revealing how strongly the area is attracting inward investment. UKTI figures of last year indicated that Coventry were the most successful area outside of London in attracting inward investment from overseas, based on the size of population, therefore Coventry City Council had a very strong message to push to the audience at the MIPIM show. Their partnership itself delivered a strong message regarding the way the private and public sectors work together. Of course, council employees were not the only government representatives attending the event. In total, there were 214 representatives of UK-based publicly-funded bodies – including the European Union-funded Make It Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire (who had seven delegates), to English Heritage (three delegates), as well as the ever-present HS2 (who also had three delegates).


Commercial People Global at MIPIM 2015, Cannes There were stunning presentations left, right and centre throughout MIPIM at Palais des Festivals. Notably, Instanbul, Turkey had their very own chamber of commerce with an impressive display opposite. Like and follow us on all our social media as we will be posting pictures from Commercial People’s stand and around MIPIM. To everybody we met, we look forward to speaking to you again very soon and to listing your properties on our websites!

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